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AI Calculation Service

Articulation Inc offers assessment and enhancement of communication devices and paths using the articulation index (AI).  We use the diagnostic capabilities of the original Bell Telephone Laboratories AI to rate speech transmission capacity and to quantify perceptual attributes including audibility, loudness, balance, and noisiness.  Articulation Inc's patented MAX AI™ algorithm identifies factors that limit speech transmission and indicates remedies.  Articulation Inc is committed to applying established, science-based models of audition and speech perception to achieve unprecedented customization in audio signal processing.

Consultancy and Expertise



Assessment and interpretation

  • Calculate articulation index and other benchmarks

  • Identify factors limiting speech intelligibility

  • Recommend corrective action

Devices, listening paths

  • Headphones

  • Hearing aids and other assistive devices

  • Automobile

  • Public venues


  • Consulting

  • Contract research


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