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Articulation Index software and consulting


Articulation Index calculator w/ binaural capability on CD-ROM.   A graphical user interface featuring point-and-click calculation of the Fletcher and Galt AI.  Designed for audiology researchers and clinicians, and others interested in predicting speech intelligibility.  For no additional charge, we will customize the AI software to accommodate your specific application.  Click here for more information.


Audiology Clinic 

  • Predict speech recognition ability from the audiogram

  • Anticipate hearing aid benefits and limitations

  • Customize hearing aid fittings

  • Inform and advise patients


    Audio Industry

  • Anticipate device performance

  • Benchmark comparisons

  • Customize frequency-gain for a specific application or listener

  • Detect and prevent unintentional decreases in intelligibility

  • Account for hearing impairment, loud speech/noise, monaural/binaural

    Hearing Research

  • Accurate AI calculation

  • Data analysis metric

  • Experimental design aid (parameter choices, subject selection)

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